Casey Murray, CMT

Casey has been an active athlete as long as she can remember.  She grew up in the world of ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical dance but later realized she was more interested in sports and spent her free time playing school soccer and volleyball.  She enjoys learning about alternative health treatments and is fascinated with essential oils and herbal remedies.   She enjoys hiking with her dog and with her Dad who has been an inspiration to her as she has watched him, over the years, taking care of others. 

Casey too has a passion for helping others.   While on a trip to California with several massage therapists she got to experience, first hand, the relief that massage brought when she was confined to her hotel room with a migraine.   It was on this trip that Casey realized this healing art would be a perfect way for her to make a difference in people’s lives.  Not only does she understand how massage affects the physical aspects of our health but through experience she is witnessing the powerful role it can play for those living with anxiety and depression.  Her work as a massage therapist fulfills her yearning to help people find more natural ways to heal. 

Casey’s desire to help others came to full clarity when she lost her dear cousin.  The event turned her life around and through much study, hard work  and commitment her passion to help others is now realized through her work.  Casey  enjoys incorporating many different techniques into her sessions which is in perfect alignment with Body • Mind • Spirit’s philosophy of utilizing integrative techniques in our practice.  She is very perceptive to the stories our bodies tell and is excellent at locating and addressing trigger points.  She intends to continue her training through courses in cranial sacral work, manual lymph drainage and whatever direction her spirit leads her.

Middletown Massage, Body Mind Spirit 120 W. Main Street Middletown, DE 19709 USA